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Search engine optimisation

We put together search engine optimisation strategies to increase your visibility and aim to improve your ranking. Our focus is to bring organic traffic to your website and make sure we are tracking your data to better understand your customer behaviour.

Google Analytics set up

Google My Business set up

Google Search Console set up

Site structure checks

Duplicate content checks

Fix broken links

Monthly performance reports

Inbound links (local directories)

Email marketing (plain text and HTML)

Monitoring and continuous improvements to keep website up to date

Robots.txt creation (inform web crawlers which pages to process)

Meta tag checks (snippets of text that describes a page’s content)

HTML sitemap creation (model of website’s content to help user navigation)

XML sitemap creation (model of website’s content to help search engines crawl and index each page)

Example of a Google Analytics performance report by The Creative Workshop
Example of a Google Analytics performance report by The Creative Workshop, with charts and a uk map.

How these will benefit your business

Advance user experience and engagement

Receive important insights into your data

Form a strong web presence, making your brand trustworthy

Increase organic discovery and visibility, resulting in high-quality website traffic

Understand how users are interacting with your site

Boost website speed, and ensure pages perform well on all devices (mobile-friendly)

Higher rank/position in search engine results pages, and move ahead of the competition

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