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Pay per click

We provide a paid search service to make you stand out amongst your competitors. The first 3-4 results to come up on the search engines are often paid for ads. These show before the organic results so you have a much greater chance of being found and clicked. All of your adverts will be created by us with quality checks to ensure that you have a strong performance and ongoing lead generation.

Google Ad campaigns

Social media ad campaigns

Competitor research

Keyword research, selection and development

Conversion optimisation (process of increasing users to take a desired action)

Copywriting (writing text for the purpose of advertising), including a call to action (CTA)

Ad extensions and sitelinks

Reporting dashboard

Audience targeting

Budgeting and scheduling

Landing page recommendation (destination page in response to clicking ad)

A/B split testing (experimenting with multiple variants) to refine ad wording and achieve optimum clicks, adjust and repeat

Photograph of a man looking at an imac display a Google Ads campaign
Photograph of a close up shot of a macbook displaying keywords and data on Google Ads

How these will benefit your business

New valuable leads

Build brand awareness

Generate a higher return on investment (ROI)

Improve click-through rate (CTR) and conversion performance

Quick turnaround clicks and traffic to your website

Measurable and trackable stats, with ability to apply quick changes

Offer multi-layered targeting options, with control over metrics such as age and location

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